3 Busted Myths About Selling Your Home

Rumors abound in just about every facet of life, and the housing market is also rife with myths and misguided advice. In order to help you demystify any misunderstandings about selling your home, we’re here to discuss three common but incorrect myths:

Myth #1: Spring is the best time to sell a home.

While the spring season is certainly an opportune time to sell, it’s not the only opportune time to sell. In fact, every season has its pros and cons, but what’s most important is how you choose to capitalize on the season in which you hit the market. For example, summer is another hot time in the year both in terms of temperature and in terms of the housing market… and some even consider it peak buying season. So don’t sweat the small things (like the season). Instead, focus on proper staging, cleaning, and listing. And speaking of staging…

Myth #2: Staging your home is unnecessary if it’s already clean.

Mr. Clean’s MagicReach and helping hand can only extend so far. In fact, ensuring you have a clean space is really only step one. Particularly as the presence of professional stagers has raised the standards for the aesthetic of your interior, it’s probably safer to think of cleaning as staging, and staging as closing. While hiring a professional stager is recommended, it is certainly not required, and as long as you do your due diligence and research, staging can be easily accomplished while on the wire.

Myth #3: It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

As stated above, staging is key in selling a home after your potential buyers have walked through the front door. But what about before then? As buyers first drive over to the property, how you’ve staged the external appearance of the house is going to set their expectations for what’s inside, and may ultimately create a bias for or against you… no matter how spotless the inside of the house appears. So, don’t just focus on the inside—it’s not all that counts. How you stage the outside and provide curb appeal may hold equal weight in the eye of the beholders.

What’s the takeaway?

Here at Freedom Realty Group, we understand that selling your property isn’t the only hard part; in fact, preparing to sell is potentially the more stressful process. But that’s why we’re here to reassure you that selling your home fast and efficiently isn’t out of the realm of possibility! Call Freedom Realty Group today to sell your home for cash. We’ll even cover closing and repair costs, all without an inspection or appraisal!