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Who We Are

Freedom Realty Group is an investor-centric realty group based in the beautiful historic Riverside District of Jacksonville, Florida.

We specialize in the disposition of properties to investors interested in everything from “fix and flips” and “buy and holds,” to joint ventures and lease options.

We understand that real estate investing is a creative business and that there is no one size fits all property.

We maintain a large active buyers list and market our properties aggressively through multiple channels. Freedom Realty Group can find the right buyer for a property because we know our people, we know our market, and we know our buyers.

How It Works

1. Sign Up

If you are an investor and would like to receive our marketing emails to find great opportunities for you or your investment group, please fill out the form on this page and we will add you to the list.

2. Make an Offer

It’s all about the paper. So much of making a good deal work is knowing how to structure it on paper. Freedom Realty Group has a highly trained internal staff and works with some of the highest volume and most experienced title companies in the area.

3. We've Got You Covered

We make it our first priority to make sure every client is part of the process. We want you to feel comfortable each step of the way. We know purchasing real estate can be overwhelming and we are here to help, whether it’s your first house or you fiftieth.

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